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Reduce Skyrocketing Gas Costs With AMSOIL Synthetic Oil!

Industry tests have shown improved fuel economy of 2 - 5% in vehicles using synthetic lubricants.  Many AMSOIL customer testimonials tell of even greater savings.  But there is another way to reduce oil usage. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are designed for extended drain intervals and reduce the amount of oil used by as much as 80%.  Fewer oil changes means less oil used.  "Keep America on the road with AMSOIL,  the original synthetic motor oil.

"We can reduce the dependency on foreign oil by converting our vehicles to synthetic oils and lubricants. Amsoil is 100% American made and manufactured. Amsoil puts less waste back in the environment, and it saves gas. This is a WIN-WIN combination for America right now. Let's do our part to reduce our dependency on Middle Eastern Oil."

 AMSOIL gives a 5% increase in fuel economy on average, and in some cases 20% and even more! Why use ordinary oils when our superior AMSOIL synthetic oils outperform all others? AMSOIL Synthetic Oil achieves superior lubrication, extends engine life by reducing friction and wear and creates more horsepower. As a home-based AMSOIL dealer, you can build a great repeat-order business.

Help reduce our dependency on foreign oil! Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil.

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