Sunday, April 13, 2008

Synthetic Oil vs Sludge

The key word for oil advertisements this season seems to be SLUDGE. Where does it come from? Mostly from the useless molecules that have broken down when using crude refined petroleum oil. A pure man made, designed and engineered Synthetic oil is manufactured with identical molecules each lubricating and cooling your engine with the up most efficiency and eliminating the problems associated with SLUDGE because there are no useless molecules to break down and clog the engines circulatory system. Join the Synthetic Oil Revolution and learn the benefits of using this American Made Product.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Synthetic Oil, Where is the Sludge?

There is a new commercial on TV about an oil that reduces sludge. The commercial shows cars being drenched in black used refined crude petroleum oil. The object is to lead you to believe that they reduce the amount of sludge in your engine. The animation shows a few molecules of something surrounding a molecule of sludge and taking it away. AWAY TO WHERE? It has nowhere to go but somewhere in your engine causing sludge that reduces the oils ability to flow through your engine thus reducing its ability to lubricate and cool the engine. UNBELIEVABLE. Synthetic Oil is man made and manufactured without any molecules that breakdown and cause sludge. Every molecule in a pure synthetic oil is manufactured precisely to lubricate and cool your engine. Join the Synthetic Oil Revolution and help eliminate false information, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and Buy American

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Synthetic Oil - Chainsaws

I mentioned the Synthetic 100:1 two cycle oil for boating but need to mention the advantages of using it for Chain Saws. At the lesser mix you are using less oil and getting better lubrication. Also available is Bar and Chain Oil to give the best lubrication available and increase the life of your chain saw bar.