Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Cycle Oil, Synthetic 100:1 Mix

Think about how two cycle outboard motor engines smoke. The white smoke is coming from the unburned refined crude petroleum oil used for lubrication. If you eliminate the negative aspects of the smoke increase the lubrication ability of the fluid and decrease the amount needed for the lubrication you get AMSOIL Saber Outboard 100:1 Outboard 2-cycle oil. Again a win win situation. Less pollution, less product, neighborhood friendly and easier on your pocketbook. Join the Synthetic Oil Revolution and become a part of this amazing awakening.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

25,000 Mile Oil Change, Synthetic Oil

Extended synthetic oil change drain intervals save you money. Even if you only drive 12,000 miles a year and change your oil once a year you still get better wear protection, better fuel mileage and lower operating temperatures. If you would like to help the environment consider the advantages of less waste from fewer oil changes. We at the Synthetic Oil Revolution find these benefits as well as reducing our dependence on foreign oil "One Crankcase at a Time" a win , win situation for all of us. Did I mention Amsoil is Made in America? Buy American!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lawn Equipment Maintenance, Synthetic Oil

If we are going to reduce out dependence on foreign oil "One Crankcase at a Time" with superior synthetic oil then with our smaller engines it will be "One Quart at a Time." Small engines are air cooled and can run at very high temperatures sometimes getting damaged in the process. A good insurance policy for a better running small engine is Amsoil Four Stroke Oil. A Formula 4-Stroke® 10W-30/SAE 30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil (ASE)
A commercial grade formulation designed for hot temperatures and severe service operation of small engines, where routine maintenance is often difficult or infrequent.
Join the Synthetic Oil Revolution and Buy American

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Think Boating

The Synthetic Oil Revolution is not just automobiles. Spring has sprung and our boats need the best synthetic oil available especially because often they sit for quite some time between use. Synthetic oil not only provides the finest lubrication when our engines are operating but inhibits rust and corrosion when they are idle. Join The Synthetic Oil Revolution and help eliminate our dependence on foreign oil One Crankcase at a Time.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Motorcycle Maintenance Time Again

The calendar says its spring again and the flakes are still falling but the days are certainly getting longer. When changing your motor oil seriously consider the benefits of synthetic oil and specifically
Amsoil 20w50 for your V Twins and 10w40 for your higher revving crotch rockets.

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